Friday, April 22, 2011

Back Stroke – Kayak

This is a Kayak Propulsion Stroke: Even though this stroke is shown in a kayak, the concept works reasonably well for all types of paddle powered watercraft from canoes to rafts. Click on the photo to watch a video of the stroke.

Click on the picture to watch the backstroke video

Gen 9:23
Isaiah 54:10
There are two primary reasons for doing back strokes. The first and probably the best reason is that it is a good way to stop the forward momentum of your boat to avoid dangerous obstacles. The second is to be able to actively back away from danger. For instance, in Florida an alligator might be considered a dangerous obstacle and one that would give you good reason to back away. Like any other stroke, it is necessary to practice paddling backwards which is not easy so many people do not try to do back strokes until needed often with disastrous results. (Steering tip: when paddling backwards, it is best to steer from the bow.)
Sometimes it’s best to go backwards. Just ask Shem and Japheth who backed their way into a room to cover up their naked father. Good plan. Backing into a room might not be the only reason to back away from something. One advantage of backing away from something rather turning and going the other way is so you can keep your eyes on what you are backing away from. The focus of your attention might be an enemy or something dangerous. It might also be someone you care immensely about and don’t want them to leave your sight as you depart their company. Either way, you want to keep your eyes on the object for as long as possible.
But we are not the only ones that might want to back away from something. God also backs away from punishing us if we stop doing bad things. His punishment is intended as a corrective action that is directed by love. Thus, if we back away from the thing that causes us to sin, there is no need for corrective measures. It is comforting to know that even during times when you must back away from something, God’s steadfast love will not leave you but instead give you peace.

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