Friday, April 22, 2011

Reverse Sweep – Kayak

This is a Kayak Turning Stroke: Even though this stroke is shown in a kayak, the concept works reasonably well for all types of paddle powered watercraft from canoes to rafts. Click on the photo to watch a video of the stroke.

Click on the picture to watch the reverse sweep video
Jeremiah 18:5-11
Jeremiah 26:3
Some instances call for drastic action. The reverse sweep turns your boat quickly and slows or stops your forward speed at the same time. In most cases you don’t want to stop your forward momentum when you are doing a turning stroke, but when it is absolutely necessary, the reverse sweep is for you! This method is sometimes called the “turn and burn” method; however, it might be called the “turn or burn” method depending on your theological approach. Either way you look at it, you need to stop going in a bad direction and change your direction. When compared to the backstroke, the focus is in looking and moving forward in a new direction. The advantage of this method over backing away is that you have more strength and can look at where you want to go rather than focusing on what is causing the problem.
At least seven times in Jeremiah alone, the term “turn away” from evil is used. God is telling Israel they are headed for destruction if they don’t make a 180 degree turn and focus on the love of the Lord and mercy and justice for others rather than self satisfaction. Those are hard words that we need to hear today in a world where the culture (and massive marketing efforts) tells us “it’s all about me!” What disasters are you headed for in life? Can you do a quick turn and avoid tragedy and heartache? By keeping your eyes on Christ, you stand a good change of redirecting your life dramatically and confidently progress towards God’s light.

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