Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shoulder Protection

This is a Fundamental Stroke Technique: Even though this stroke fundamental is shown in a kayak, it is true for all types of paddle powered watercraft from canoes to rafts as well. The main purpose of this section is to make every stroke work effectively and efficiently to help you have the safest experience and most fun on the water.

Romans 1:16
Romans 8:38-39
1Peter 1:3-5

This section might be considered “a word to the wise” offering some considerations for attention to personal preservation and protection. Bear in mind that the concepts described not only protect the vulnerable shoulder, but also give strength and power to all of your strokes.

Using proper techniques in paddling give you protection and strength much like God’s love does for us in life. As we commit in faith to follow God’s ways we are under his arm of protection.

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