Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vertical vsHorizontal Strokes

This is a Fundamental Stroke Technique: Even though this stroke fundamental is shown in a kayak, it is true for all types of paddle powered watercraft from canoes to rafts as well. The main purpose of this section is to make every stroke work effectively and efficiently to help you have the safest experience and most fun on the water.

Matthew 22:34-40
Colossians 2:2

If you watched the video, or tested vertical and horizontal strokes side by side, you witnessed the difference between the outcomes of the two. The vertical strokes propel you effectively and strongly to your destination. Horizontal strokes turn your boat quickly to avoid obstacles or change to a new direction. It may seem like you would only use vertical strokes when moving across a lake or paddling downriver but in reality, both are needed to arrive at your final destination. They should complement each other.

The Two Greatest Commandments work in a similar way. Symbolically, the love of God and for God is a vertical relationship, reaching down from God above to you below which is then returned to God. We receive power for daily living through this loving relationship. Consequently, the relationship between you and your neighbor (for a tip on who your neighbor is, see Lk 10:36-37) can be considered a horizontal one. As neighbors we can see each other eye to eye and relate on the same level. But it is clear that this horizontal relationship should also be based on love.

Although these vertical and horizontal relationships are separate and distinctive, they are not exclusive of each other. Notice that when your vertical relationship with God is not going well, then your relationships with others don’t go as well. You might have also noticed that when your relationships with others are not going well, possibly because you haven’t forgiven them for something, then your relationship with God isn’t right either. So keep both your vertical and horizontal relationships strong and complementary of each other to enjoy a full, effective life.

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