Thursday, April 21, 2011

Emptying the boat

This is a “helpful basic” concept: Even though this is shown in a kayak, it is true for all types of paddle powered watercraft from canoes to rafts as well.

Ezekiel 29:25-29
Romans 5:1-5, 15:13

When you are enjoying paddling, you can sometimes push the limits a little too far and end up in the water. Our boats fill up and become heavy and hard to move around. Before we get back in our boats, it is important to empty the water from them. Then, once the stuff that would give us trouble has been emptied, then we can get in the boat and go on to have more fun. We find the same thing true in our daily lives, we push the limits of what we are supposed to be doing to live a life of light and grace. We find that our lives are soon spinning out of control and we need to empty ourselves of the many distractions that keep us from loving and helping others. When we empty these things that hold us back and let in the Holy Spirit, our life returns to one filled with hope and Joy.

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