Friday, April 22, 2011

Compose Your Own Poetry

It is fun to find a quiet place, reflect on the genius of God's creation and share it with others through poetry. Here are a couple of examples from Cheryl Killman.

Somewhere down a mighty flowing river
You will find a paddler reflecting on the beauty God has made.
While enjoying the peace that fills his heart
He readies to launch into the whitewater parade.

Somewhere down the mighty flowing river
This paddler stops to consider the salvation that makes him free.
But oh so quickly comes a terrifying encounter
Endurance prevails though the trial he could not see.

Somewhere down the mighty flowing river
Each paddler has decisions he must make
Should he give into what looks to be such fun?
Considering the consequences if he makes a mistake.

Somewhere down the mighty flowing river
The river changes and is as peaceful as can be
Giving the paddler time to reflect on wins and losses
Experiences that shape who he is to be

Somewhere down the mighty flowing river
Surrounded by all the majesty God has made
A paddlers feels the presence of his maker
The Grand Marshall of the white water parade.

Somewhere down the mighty flowing river
A paddler takes chances and makes his choice
Faith in knowing God will take care of him
As he swims he is sure he hears laughter in God's voice

Somewhere down the mighty flowing river
Each paddler learns lessons he will need someday
Life as well as rivers is ever-changing, ever-moving
And hard knocks against the rocks teach him to pray.

So, as you paddle down this flowing river
You may lose your paddle and be unable to swim
That's when God will reach down and turn you up-right
And put you back on the river flowing towards him.

Written by Cheryl Killman
(For OWLS at Christmas)

In quiet stillness of the morning fog
As it blankets its evening guest
Gently flowing to parts unknown
Offering solitude and rest.

Mountains rise to meet the sky
Their singing, an echo across the land
Trees clap their branches in praise
As peace is held in joined hands

Each one has a special place
Destined by the masters hand
As the sun rises in the eastern sky
Life flows freely to the sand

We leave behind life’s worries and troubles
As we ponder a world of woe and strife
We join hands with friends and God at the river
And become One at the River of Life

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