Friday, April 22, 2011

Forward Stroke – Kayak

This is a kayak propulsion stroke: Even though this stroke is shown in a kayak, the concept works reasonably well for all types of paddle powered watercraft from canoes to rafts. Click on the photo to watch a video of the stroke.

Click on the picture to watch a video of the forward stroke
Job 17:9
Mark 3:10
Philippians 3:12-14
The most common paddling stroke is the forward stroke which gets the boat started and keeps it moving forward until you reach your goal or need to change direction. You may vary your stroke depending on the circumstances pulling hard for acceleration at times, while other times you may be exerting only a small amount of force on the paddle to move your boat. As with other strokes the key is to anchor the paddle and move the boat past the paddle for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. (See the “Anchor the Blade” post.) With an efficient forward stroke you can start strong and finish well making it to your goal with energy to spare.
Likewise, we need to know how to move forward during good times and bad. Getting started can be one of the toughest things you do each day, especially if you are not a “morning person.” Some people (like me) need a strong cup of coffee to get going. However, once you are up and moving it is usually easier to continue keeping yourself going throughout the day. It is easy to move forward when we see progress and we are well rested and almost seems effortless when you are not facing any controversy or trouble in your life. However, there are often times on our lives when the challenges outweigh the moments that are uncomplicated. In Paul’s letter to the Philippians, he responds to such a time as this, when the final prize does not seem worth the trouble of continuing the struggle forward and enduring to the end. However, Paul emphasizes the importance of looking ahead toward the goal and encourages the church to continue pressing forward through the challenges of daily life. That was not only good advice for the people of Philippi but people in the current cultural melee so keep the pressure on and moving forward until the glorious end.

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