Friday, April 22, 2011

The Rain Parable

Job 5:8-10
Isaiah 45:8
Mt 5:43-48

You have heard it said that the rain falls on the good person and the bad person. We often understand that to mean that God intends for bad things to happen to someone whether they are good or bad. In the Bible, rain was almost always a good thing. It brought water to the fields for growth of the crops, it gave water for drinking both for people and the animals in their care. In the context of this passage, we see that having rain fall on us is a good thing. Jesus is comparing rain with showing love to others. It should be given to all and not just those that easily return our love. Everything under this sun was created by God and should have our care and love. Let us rain down God’s love and mercy on others through our words and actions.

Rain falls on the “good” and the “bad” or gravity affects all of us and makes the river flow downstream. Might this be an effective way to respond to a non-believer who says something like, “That Jesus stuff is OK for you but it’s just not for me.” Just like the physical laws affect everyone, everywhere, all the time, so do the spiritual laws that God put in place.

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